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Deck Restoration

Deck Cleaning, Staining, Sealing and Wood Restoration

    As you already know, mother nature can and will eventually destroy anything left outside long enough. This is especially true for wood structures like a deck. That doesn't mean a deck won't last, it simply means that proper maintenance needs to be done if you want it to. 

    Cleaning and maintaining decks with the proper wood care products will keep it looking great for years while reducing repair costs related to wood rot. Let's face it, nobody likes to spend money fixing things that shouldn't be worn out yet. But it will happen if your deck is not protected from the elements.

    If your deck is already starting to look old and gray, don't give up hope just yet. Our wood deck restoration techniques can revitalize it. We use the best deck cleaners, stains and sealers. 

     We can strip away old stains and sealants, wash off dirt, spots and mildew, then apply a fresh coat of wood stain or sealant that will help protect it from the environment. 

    These photos  below were taken during the 1st phase of deck restoration. This is the process that strips mildew,dirt, stain, and years of crud off the deck, to bring back the beauty underneath.

 This deck had a solid color stain that was faded. The homeowners were ready for something a little more lighter and natural.

  What a difference with the natural grain of the wood shining through!

Deck Sealing/Staining

(also Fences and other wood structures)

Many ask, what is the difference in a stain and a sealer? Majority of outdoor stains are sealers, therefore we consider everything we use to be a sealer. There are three basic kinds of deck sealers; solid, semitransparent and oils.

    1. Solids are like a paint, forming a film on top of the wood and not allowing grain to show through.
    2. Semitransparents allow for some grain to show through and are also film forming. Both of these are available in a wide variety of colors.
    3. Oils penetrate the wood and enhance the wood grain. These have fewer choices for color but are also available in clear. Oils are easier to maintain and keep looking great year after year.


We only use top brands that have been proven to last the longest and have the easiest maintenance. These sealers do cost a little more but it has been proven time after time that it is worth the initial investment.


Our 7 Step Wood Restoration Process

1. Wood evaluation
2. Clean, remove mildew, dirt, and strip any stain
3. Brighten and neutralize wood
4. Let wood dry out
5. Sand hand rails
6. Detail work and necessary repairs
7. Apply professional grade stain/sealant

We Clean, Restore & Maintain:

• Decks
• Fences
• Log Homes
• Gazebos
• Hot Tubs
• Wood Siding
• Cedar Shake Roofs
• Cedar Shingles 


    Cleaning decks is one of the most popular pressure wash projects performed throughout the country. Every home owner that has a deck made from treated lumber needs to add deck cleaning to their maintenance program in order to make the wood last for many years and to keep it looking great, year after year.

At The Reliable Power Washing Guy, we fully understand the need to keep your deck protected from the elements of nature and how important it is to clean with professional grade cleaners. Look at the image below and you will immediately see the difference we can make.

To achieve these kinds of results, it is crucial that the proper deck cleaners be used to clean the wood. It is also important to use the right pressure washing equipment set to the correct psi in order to prevent the wood from being damaged. 

So if you do not have the experience it takes to perform this type of work, do yourself a favor and contact a professional with a proven track record and referrals from satisfied customers like The Reliable Power Washing Guy.

   These are before and  afters of a couple decks......

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